Author: Abbie Robinson

Abbie is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga teacher who is passionate about applying the principles and wisdom of ancient Yoga philosophy to help people live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. She advocates for applying Yoga “off the mat” to help people bring about long-lasting change to their lives and break free of unhealthy habits and negative behaviours. She shares Yoga as a practice designed to declutter the mind of external sensory information, through meditative movement, breathwork and strengthening the mind-body connection, to enable practitioners to cope with the stresses of life and find inner peace. Abbie empowers practitioners to use their own mind and body as a vehicle for growth, wisdom and transformation. Abbie is a strong proponent of making Yoga accessible, affordable and inclusive. She caters for people with low mobility by providing Chair Yoga classes for those who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor. Abbie’s mantra is “if you can breathe you can do Yoga”. Abbie considers herself a lifelong student of the practice and continues to learn through studying the ancient scriptures, attending various workshops, as well as continuing her own practice so that she can authentically share the wisdom of Yoga through direct experience.