i tried sleep abundance for 30 days

I Tried Sleep Meditation for Abundance for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go to sleep and listen to an audio recording, and have everything you ever wanted just come to you?

That’s the question I’ve been wondering, and with the cost of living crisis in the UK and most of the world at the moment, I wouldn’t mind an easy way to make life more abundant.

So I tried sleep meditation for abundance for 30 days and here’s what happened. Spoiler alert – things surprisingly got better.

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What is sleep abundance meditation?

You’re probably familiar with the law of attraction, where if you believe you already have something, you attract it to you.

Now combine this idea with hypnopedia or sleep-learning where you transfer information using an audio recording to your brain while you sleep.

The role of affirmations

If you’ve looked for a sleep abundance meditation, you’ll find many of them use affirmations. Affirmations in sleep abundance meditation are positive statements, often related to abundance and prosperity, that you listen to while you’re sleeping. 

They’re designed to seep into your subconscious mind, bypassing any conscious resistance that might usually pop up during your waking hours.

Think of them as gentle nudges to your subconscious, subtly shifting your mindset and behaviors towards a more abundant life. 

They’re not about tricking your mind into believing you’re a millionaire overnight. No, they’re more about aligning your subconscious with the belief that you are deserving of abundance, and it’s within your reach.

The science of sleep abundance meditation

For sleep abundance meditation to actually work, two things need to happen:

  • The ability for you to absorb information while you sleep
  • For this information, you absorb to:
    • a) subconsciously change your behaviors to get what you want
    • b) cosmic energies to resonate and draw or manifest the things you want
I tried sleep meditation for abundance for 30 days

Does sleep learning work?

While researching this I was surprised to find that there were studies that showed that we can learn while we sleep.

A 2020 study by Cell Press showed that you can learn while you’re sleeping. However, the things you learn while asleep are not things you can easily remember when you’re awake. So, sleep learning can subtly affect your actions when you’re awake, but you might not be fully aware of it.

Does the law of attraction work?

The Law of Attraction, a concept rooted in New Age philosophies, has sparked interest in both the scientific and astrophysical communities.

From a scientific viewpoint, the Law of Attraction finds some resonance with the concept of “neuroplasticity”. This is the brain’s remarkable ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

It suggests that our thoughts and experiences can physically alter our brains. This aligns with the Law of Attraction’s emphasis on the power of positive thinking and visualization. There’s also the discovery of “mirror neurons” – neurons that fire both when an action is performed and when it’s observed – providing an argument that our thoughts might influence our reality.

From an astrophysical perspective, the Law of Attraction argues the fundamental principles of quantum physics can attract anything you wish by aligning the energy of your mind with the energy of the cosmos. Some interpret the behavior of particles at a quantum level as evidence that our thoughts can influence the physical world.

What sleep learning did I use?

I tried a few different sleep abundance meditations on YouTube including Jason Stephenson, John Moyer, and Dauchsy. But I found the narration to be a little too energetic for my tastes when trying to fall asleep. So in the end, I settled on my favorite sleep hypnotist Michael Sealy.

Michael Sealy has a careful soft voice that seems to let the problems of the day just fall away and let you sleep.

How did I listen to the sleep abundance meditation?

The ideal situation would be to play the recording over a load speaker on a very low volume. If there isn’t anyone sharing your bedroom, this would be the best way to go as it allows you to move freely.

But as I sleep next to my wife, I wore a pair of Sony WH-1000XM5. They are comfortable, and noise canceling, and when they slide off, they automatically turn off.

I listened to the recording for 30 days without a break to see what would happen.

Best noise-cancelling headphones for meditation - Sony-WH-1000XM5

The results after 30 days of listening to sleep abundance meditation

So here’s what you came here for. Did it work? In short, yes. I kept notes of things that were ‘attracted’ and things that improved over that 30-day period.

The effect on my sleep

Long ago, I used to suffer from insomnia and sleep meditations really helped, so listening to sleep meditation again really helped me drift off quickly into the land of slumber. As a result, I woke up feeling a little more refreshed and focused in the mornings.

I won the lottery

At the start of this experiment, I played the UK national lottery and signed up for a radio station competition with a prize fund that went up to £105,000. I thought if this was going to work, I’d have to at least give Abundance a chance by buying a ticket.

I didn’t win the radio competition, but I bought £15 in lottery tickets and ended up winning £30. I won’t be buying a yacht anytime soon.

But what was interesting is that if you get two matching numbers in the lottery, you win a free lucky dip ticket. For the 30 days that I played, I won a lucky dip ticket every week and that stopped after the 30 days.

Things changed for the better at work

I mostly enjoy my day job, but things had started to get a little stale. I’ve always wanted to work on cutting-edge projects and have been advocating these for a while.

In the second week of the 30 days, my manager was given the go-ahead to set up the team.

Coincidence? Or was it the result of the sleep meditations? There’s no clear proof, but something I was wanting to happen, finally happened while using sleep abundance meditation.

My website finally made some money

My intention when I created ZenGuided was never to make lots of money. It’s always been about learning about meditation and sharing my learning in an accessible way. But if I could at least make enough money to pay for the web hosting, Canva for the images, and Adobe for the YouTube videos, that would be great.

So for the first time, I made a whole $5.23 in affiliate commission…

i tried sleep meditation for abundance for 30 days and made money on amazon affiliates
Amazon affiliates payments

and $0.14 in ad revenue.

So do sleep meditations for abundance work?

i tried sleep meditation for abundance for 30 days and made money on google ads
Ad payments for Google Adsense

Nothing life-changing happened by listening to abundance sleep meditation, but the following did improve:

  • Better sleep
  • £15 in the lottery and a string of lucky dip tickets
  • The creation of a new work team I always wanted
  • Small amounts of money from my blog

Now the question is, did these things happen because of the sleep meditation, or was it because of the hard work I’d put in before?

I guess the only direct correlation was the improved sleep as I found it quicker and easier to fall asleep to the meditations.

The even bigger question is if I carried on, would more and more things start to happen?

What I think about meditating for abundance

The power of the mind is incredible. And although there isn’t any hard scientific proof to show the correlation between sleep meditations for abundance and actualized abundance, focusing on succeeding does create opportunities.

The best analogy I can give is when I started to learn how to ride a motorbike. The instructor took us to a quiet single-lane country road, that had a faint white line down the middle.

He told us to ride our bikes in a straight line looking at the white line on the road. He then told us to continue riding in a straight line, but turning our head to the right.

You probably guessed it, but as much as we tried to stay riding along the white line, we slowly started veering right.

As James Redfield once said (although everyone thinks it’s Tony Robbins):

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

James Redfield (not Tony Robbins)

The Takeaway

I spent 30 days listening to sleep meditation for abundance and it’s been an interesting journey.

While my sleep improved and other positive changes occurred, it’s hard to definitively link these to the meditation practice. 

Regardless, the experience was interesting and opened my perspective to the potential power of the mind and the intriguing concept of focusing on abundance.

Going forward, I’ll remain open and curious about where this exploration might lead. And maybe if you’d like to help with my abundance maybe you can buy me a coffee.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be construed as professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are experiencing symptoms of any mental health condition, we strongly advise consulting with a qualified healthcare professional.

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