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21 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Mental Health and Wellbeing (2023)

In an effort to enhance my mornings, I’ve avoided checking my phone until after completing my daily rituals like showering, meditating, and mindfully making coffee.

This change has made a big positive difference to my day. But, social media, particularly Instagram, can be a valuable resource for mental well-being.

In this post, I’ve selected 21 essential Instagram accounts that concentrate on mental health, self-care, and psychology, including some that bring joy. These accounts, ranging from professionals to ordinary people sharing their journeys, offer rich insights, practical advice, and inspiration. So, enrich your Instagram experience by following these accounts, fostering content that feeds both mind and soul.

The 21 must-follow Instagram accounts for mental health and psychology:

1: @the.holistic.psychologist

Follow them for…

  • Self-healing techniques
  • Mindfulness tips
  • Holistic approaches to mental health.

Dr. Nicole LePera is a holistic psychologist who focuses on helping individuals heal and create lasting changes in their lives. Her account is filled with practical tools and tips, empowering you to take charge of your mental health.

2: @hubermanlab

Follow for…

  • Neuroscience education
  • Mental health tips
  • Practical tools for wellbeing

Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist and professor at Stanford University who shares insights into the brain and nervous system. His Instagram account provides valuable education on mental health, mindfulness, and neuroscience, along with practical tools to help you optimize your brain function and improve your mental well-being.

3: @thebraincoach

Follow for…

Brain health tips, mental health strategies, and productivity hacks

Nawal is a Canadian-Pakistani neurologist who is pursuing a Ph.D. She shares material related to mental wellness and psychotherapy. There’s a particular focus on helpful do’s and don’ts lists.

4: @mytherapistsays

Follow for…

  • Cheeky mental health-related humor
  • Relatable memes

Lola Tash and Nicola Argiris run one of the largest meme pages on Instagram providing you daily humor to list up your spirits. What I love is that it helps you realize that you’re not alone in how you feel.

5: @annatheanzietycoach

Follow for…

  • Learn about somatics
  • Tips on anxiety
  • Working on the mind-body connection

Anna Papaioannou is an ACA counselor, who shares tips on how to practice somatic (body) exercises such as tapping and shaking off stress. I’ve been following Anna for a while and she was my first introduction to somatics.

6: @melrobbins

Follow for…

  • Motivational advice
  • Personal growth
  • Self-improvement strategies

Mel Robbins is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, and life coach who shares insights and advice to help you unlock your full potential. She is totally relatable and her posts usually give me a bit of a kick in the ass to make the most of my day.

7: @quotedvisually

Follow for…

  • Visually appealing drawings on mental health
  • Great everyday tips on wellbeing

Hannah Wilson shares beautiful and simple visuals to help you with a positive mindset and help with life’s challenges. Whether you need a daily dose of inspiration or a gentle reminder to stay on track, Quoted Visually’s Instagram account provides a steady stream of uplifting content to help you live your best life.

8: @lizandmollie

Follow for…

  • Visually appealing drawings to motivate you
  • Great everyday tips on wellbeing

Another one of the easy-on-the-eye illustrated accounts – Liz and Mollie as an Instagram favorite for making complicated emotions simple with their illustrations.

9: @gottmaninstitute

Follow for…

  • Relationship advice
  • Communication
  • Emotional intelligence

The Gottman Institute is renowned for its research-based approach to relationships. Their Instagram account shares valuable insights, tips, and tools to help you build stronger and healthier relationships.

10: @anxiety_wellbeing

Follow for…

  • Anxiety support
  • Self-care
  • Mindfulness

Anxiety_Wellbeing is a mental health account dedicated to providing support, information, and tips for those struggling with anxiety. Their content covers topics such as self-care, mindfulness, and coping strategies, making it a valuable resource for anyone dealing with anxiety.

11: @myselflovesupply

Follow for…

  • Self-love
  • Body positivity
  • Mental health awareness

My Self-Love Supply is an account that promotes self-love, body positivity, and mental health awareness. Their posts are filled with inspiring quotes, gentle reminders, and practical tips for practicing self-compassion and self-care.

12: @projecturok

Follow for…

  • Youth mental health
  • Self-care
  • Support

Project UROK is a non-profit organization focused on youth mental health. Their account provides resources, support, and inspiration for young people dealing with mental health issues, as well as their friends and families.

13: @blackmentalwellness

Follow for…

  • Mental health resources and support for the Black community
  • Insight into the mental health challenges. of the Black community

Black Mental Wellness is an organization that focuses on providing culturally relevant mental health resources and support for the Black community. Their Instagram account shares valuable information, resources, and inspiration for anyone seeking mental health support.

14: @corymuscara

Follow for…

  • Tips to live a positive
  • Mindfulness tips
  • Meditation

As he puts it, ‘once a monk’, Cory Muscara shares insightful posts and videos to help you cultivate mindfulness and live a more fulfilling life. His Instagram account provides a wealth of information on mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth, along with practical tools and techniques to help you integrate these practices into your daily routine.

15: @humenorg

Follow for…

  • Mental health stories
  • Social justice
  • Empathy-building

HUMEN is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness. Their Instagram account, @humenorg, shares powerful stories of individuals who have struggled with mental health challenges, along with insights and resources to help you better understand and support those who are struggling.

16: @saragotfriedmd

Follow for…

  • Hormone Balance
  • Holistic Health
  • Functional Medicine

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD is a renowned expert in the field of functional medicine, hormone health, and women’s wellness. Her Instagram account offers evidence-based advice, practical tips, and empowering insights to help you achieve optimal hormonal balance, holistic well-being, and a healthier lifestyle.

17: @selfcareisforeveryone

Follow for…

  • Mental Health Support
  • Self-Care Tips
  • Inclusive Wellness

Self-Care is for Everyone is a supportive and inclusive Instagram community dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and self-care practices for people of all backgrounds. Their account provides inspiring quotes, helpful tips, and uplifting content to encourage self-love, mindfulness, and overall well-being for everyone.

18: @psychcentralofficial

Follow for…

  • Mental Health Resources
  • Psychology Insights
  • Therapy and Counseling

Psych Central Official is a trusted Instagram source for mental health information (the same company as, providing expert-backed resources, articles, and tools to help you better understand and navigate your mental health journey. Their account shares valuable insights into various psychological topics, along with helpful tips for self-care, personal growth, and therapeutic support.

19: @theblurtfoundation

Follow for…

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Depression Support
  • Self-Care Strategies

The Blurt Foundation is a dedicated Instagram community focused on increasing awareness and understanding of depression. Their account offers compassionate support, relatable content, and practical self-care tips to help individuals living with depression, as well as their loved ones, better cope with the challenges and complexities of mental health.

20: @yung_pueblo

Follow for…

  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Personal Growth
  • Inspirational Quotes

Yung Pueblo, the pen name of Diego Perez, is a renowned author and speaker known for his transformative insights on self-awareness, mindfulness, and healing. His Instagram account features thought-provoking quotes, reflective writings, and empowering messages to inspire personal growth, emotional well-being, and inner peace for those on their journey of self-discovery.

21: @sitwithsharon

Follow for…

  • Therapy Insights
  • Relationship Advice
  • Emotional Growth

Sharon Martin, LCSW, is a skilled therapist and expert in the field of mental health. Her Instagram account, Sit With Sharon, provides valuable guidance on navigating relationships, fostering emotional intelligence, and promoting self-care. With her compassionate approach and expert knowledge, Sharon’s content empowers individuals to build healthier connections and nurture emotional well-being.

Bonus account: @zenguided

Follow for…

  • Mental health tips
  • Occasional attempts at humor
  • Genuine community

Well…I couldn’t write a list of posts and not tell you about my growing community on Instagram. Sure, not as big as the accounts above, but I hope to provide high-quality content and you can reach out to me any time!

The takeaway

These 21 Instagram accounts offer a mixed range of resources, insights, and support if you’re seeking to improve your mental health and well-being.

From therapists and life coaches to self-care advocates and mindfulness experts, and even meme accounts, following these accounts can provide you with valuable tips, inspiration, and guidance on your journey toward emotional growth and self-discovery.

With their unique perspectives and engaging content, these accounts can be a source of comfort, motivation, and practical advice to help you navigate life’s challenges and foster a healthier mindset. So, make sure to follow them and enrich your feed with positivity and mental health wisdom.

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